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August 19, 2021

Uranus Rx in Taurus


On August 19th, change maker Uranus will begin its backspin in Taurus at 14 degrees, ending in January 2022 at 10 degrees. Sounds like a long time doesn't it? It is, but this is the planet's regularly scheduled retro cycle, lasting 155 days each year. We are being ushered into a time of internal transformation. Uranus is a transpersonal planet, meaning that its energy affects not only our personal lives, but the collective as well. It’s safe to say that the whole world will feel the pull of this transit, where the ultimate goal is greater freedom and autonomy.

Uranus was discovered in the 1870’s during a time of great technological innovation and the industrial revolution. Because of this, the planet rules over innovation, disruption, inspiration and change. Often referred to as the Great Awakener, Uranus brings flashes of insight and inspiration, usually precipitated by a period of unrest or unease. Taurus, on the other hand, is focused on stability and refinement. The Bull can be slow moving, stubborn and slow to act. Having game changer Uranus in steady and dependable Taurus has been an uncomfortable energy to say the least. Just know, the end game here is ultimately greater liberation, even if the change feels uncomfortable and disorienting.

With Uranus’s 6 month retrograde motion, it’s energy intensifies. Retrograde planets are in a closer proximity to the earth, therefore stronger and felt more deeply. Although this is a yearly transit, this year proves to be a bit stronger than usual. That is because Uranus rx will be square Saturn, this aspect can be quite potent in getting rid of unwanted structures in our lives, and in the collective. It can also catalyze us to take action in ways we hadn't been ready to before. This transit will push us to break free of limiting foundations in our lives, sometimes in rebellious ways. Both personally and societally, there will be a deconstruction of the old and outdated, the limiting and restricting. What people, structures, and aspects of your life are past their expiration date? Where do you yearn for more liberation and autonomy? Understanding the answers to these questions arms you with what is needed to take full advantage of this transit.

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