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November 19, 2021

Taurus Lunar Eclipse / Sagittarius Total Solar Eclipse

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We are in eclipse season once again! This time we’re gearing up for a brand new cycle (almost) of eclipses on the Taurus Scorpio axis. We get a sneak peek of what’s in store for us regarding these energies starting on November 19th. On that day we will experience the first eclipse in the series, a partial lunar eclipse in the sign of the Bull. Then, on December 4th, we have the last eclipse on the Gemini Sagittarius axis in the sign of Centaur, which will close out that cycle. The north node, currently sitting at 1 degree Gemini, has not fully moved into Taurus, and because we’re so close to the transition point, eclipses can occur in either sign. What’s going on with this particular eclipse in Taurus is more like a preview of the fated new beginnings and directions that we will be heading into when the nodes move fully into the Taurus Scorpio axis, on January 18th.

Not only is this eclipse period a preview of where we’re headed, but also an indicator what we must be left behind. Full moons are always points of culmination, and a full moon eclipse is no different. But, because this is the first eclipse in a new sign, it is also about starting anew. Our path will be illuminated, but not fully. Being a partial eclipse, we may not experience huge upheavals, but we will experience many signs, synchronicities, and messages that will provide clues of what’s to come. Eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio bring our focus to money, power, sensuality, sustainability, simplicity and truth. This axis is about finding balance between the physical (Taurus) and spiritual (Scorpio). Look to where Taurus and Scorpio fall in your chart for more specific details for you personally.

The final eclipse on the Gemini Sagittarius axis occurs as a total solar eclipse in Sag, on December 4th. This is a more powerful eclipse in that it is occurring directly on the south node. South node eclipses are about release, endings and letting go. Which is fitting because this lunation closes out a huge cycle we have been living under for 18 months. During this series of eclipses our focus has been on media, travel, education, the flow of information, adaptation and change. There has been much change in the way that we educate our communities and children, an overwhelming amount of information and disinformation, how we travel and where. We have had to adapt to constantly changing circumstances over the last 18 months as well. What have we learned? What has changed for us in the Gemini and Sagittarius ruled areas of our lives? The last eclipse in this cycle is a wrap up, a culmination of the last 18 months. It may bring us a greater clarity around the changes we have gone through, and how to incorporate the lessons we’ve learned into ou lives.

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