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February 17, 2021

Saturn Square Uranus


Transit occurs three times, 2/17/21, 5/14/21, and 12/24/21

Structured Saturn and unconventional Uranus will be dancing together all year in a square aspect of tension that comes exact three times. The first exact aspect occurs on February 17th. A square brings to our attention an imbalance that must be made right. It is an inflection point where change must occur.

Saturn and Uranus exemplify the past and future. Saturn represents how it's always been done, order, logic, time and laws. Uranus is innovation and rebellion, freedom and timelessness. Saturn is in the fixed air sign of Aquarius, and Uranus the fixed earth sign of Taurus. Fixed energy resists change. Squares between the fixed signs feel even more tense because of this—it can feel like locked horns.

The pressure we’re feeling, both personally and collectively, comes mainly from our need for freedom and spontaneity clashing with our need for structure and stability. Finding a balance is key. This transit shows us where we feel tied down and restricted (Saturn) and how we can free ourselves up for new experiences (Uranus). This transit also has its hardships for society, historically bringing breakdowns (Uranus) of economic systems. But the evolutionary intent is to create breakdown in order to breakthrough, and create social and financial innovation.

On a collective level, hard aspects between Saturn and Uranus tend to bring changes to finance and economics, especially having Uranus in money-focused Taurus. The 1930-31 square between the two planets brought in the Great Depression, but it also led to Roosevelt's New Deal, which brought more equitable wealth for the people. This transit will no doubt bring big changes in finance, especially crypto currency, as we are already seeing. Our banking systems, economy and currency will change dramatically. But this will ultimately bring greater wealth equality for the people.

Now is a time of great change and innovation, in our own personal lives and out in the world. Old power structures, outdated forms of technology and antiquated social norms are going out the window. We are in an Air-dominated era, with the Great Conjunction in Aquarius ushering in a progressive new age. This will be felt internally and seen externally. Change is here.

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