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February 27, 2021

Jupiter Trine North Node

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February 27th, 2021, we will have expansive Jupiter in Aquarius form an exact trine with the North Node of destiny, in Gemini. Trines are an astrological aspect, formed when two planets in the same element are 120 degrees apart. With a trine, the powers involved are working together in a harmonious and beneficial way. Ruled by the element of Air, this transit will bring opportunities for growth and expansion through our friendships, group associations, educational pursuits and perspective shifts.

Also known as the great benefic, Jupiter brings growth, opportunity and gifts. The largest body in our solar system, Jupiter allows us to understand the world from a higher perspective. Growth through spirituality and divine connection is a hallmark of this larger than life planet. Jupiter transits allow us to attract that which we desire and act out of inspiration.

The moon's nodes are related to our consciousness, the South Node representing subconscious motivations from our past, The North Node representing conscious motivations for our future. The North Node is where we’re heading, it is our karma and destiny in this life.

When Jupiter forms a trine to the North Node it is an auspicious time of inspired action and opportunity.It is a transit that can bring teachers and inspiration that will move us closer to our destiny. Lasting almost a month, this will be a time of divine insight and guidance. A time where we can receive messages and communications which point us to our greater purpose. Being an air sign trine, the opportunities presented to us will likely come from other people. Strengthening bonds to our communities and being of service will open us up to the possibilities that await.

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