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December 21, 2020

Jupiter Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius


On December 21st, 2020, the day of the Winter Solstice, Jupiter and Saturn will conjoin in the sky, amplifying each other's energy. Called the Great Conjunction, the meeting of these two planets occurs only once every 19 years. For thousands of years stargazers have observed this conjunction, and it has been associated with the rise and fall of royalty, leaders, and politicians.These two powerhouse planets coming together marks the beginning of a new 19-year cycle for humanity. The fact that it is occurring on the day of the Winter Solstice adds to the intensity, as both the great conjunction and the solstice represent intense astrological turning points.

Jupiter is known as the great benefic, meaning that his energy aids in positivity and raises our level of consciousness. Saturn is known as the great malefic. His energy can be difficult and teaches us hard lessons. Jupiter conjunct Saturn is the great leveler—Jupiter expands while Saturn contracts. Together, these two planets have the ability to bring balance to a world that is off kilter, and they often herald in sweeping changes in politics and culture.

A shocking pattern observed during this conjunction is referred to as the Curse of the U.S. Presidents. Since 1840, every president elected during a Jupiter Saturn conjunction, has been assassinated or has died from natural causes in office. Presidents Harrison, Harding, and Roosvelt died of natural causes, while Lincoln, Garfeild, McKinnely, and Kenndedy were assassinated. Regan and Bush Jr. both had assasination attempts made on their lives, but survived. Besides this presidential pattern, every 20 years there is a marked shift in cultural values and norms, brought about by the conjunction. Bit by bit, in both culture and government, Jupiter’s expansiveness and forward thinking blows away Saturn's restrictive energy. Each generation gets a little more open-minded and accepting during this conjunction. People start questioning the old guard, along with antiquated ways of thinking and existing in society.

On December 21, we will start a new cycle of the Saturn Jupiter conjunction. If the past is prologue, our newly elected president may confront a serious health issue or an assassination attempt. Nothing is written in stone, of course. What we can be sure of is a cultural shift. Spiritual and metaphysical practices are becoming more mainstream, and Jupiter will continue to expand the collective consciousness in this way. The fact that this conjunction occurs in the free-thinking and progressive sign of Aquarius points to desire for greater unity of the collective. The conjunction will also cause cultural restlessness and a strong urge to live in a more unified and tolerant society. We are entering a time of change and deep transformation in our society.

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