Divine Spark is an art collective producing multimedia work inspired by the Gnostic Gospels: ancient texts that tell stories of a cosmic conflict between divine forces of Wisdom and Ignorance that has since the dawn of time.

Humanity wrestles with momentous decisions - the consequences of which will determine the fates of generations to come. Will we learn from our past failures or be doomed to repeat them?


Through our work, we hope to send audiences on existential odysseys that inform, engage, and foster community as we deeply examine the impact of Wisdom and Ignorance throughout time and space.


The Divine Spark

In Gnosticism, the Divine Spark is described as the fragmented portion of the divine that resides within each human being; it is the light contained in each individual, the potential of their illumination. Gnostics believe the purpose of life is to illuminate the spark through a process called “gnosis”, the Greek word for “knowledge”. 

Gnosis signifies the wisdom of knowing oneself, as well as the divine nature and destiny of humanity. To do so is to recognize the infinite source of Wisdom from which all living things once emanated.


The term 'Gnostic Gospels' refers to a collection of papyrus codices discovered in Egypt in 1945. The texts themselves, scholars believe, were written as early as the second half of the 1st century, as early as, or earlier, than Mark, Matthew, Luke, or John.

The Gnostic Gospels cite familiar concepts from the Judeo-Christian canon, but influenced by Eastern and Greek philosophy, place them in new contexts and give them new meanings. Gnosticism presents the biblical God as a manifestation of Ignorance, Yaldabaoth, eternally at odds with a being of divine Wisdom, Sophia. The conflict between the two forces is the central conflict of Gnostic philosophy. Furthermore, the texts depict Jesus not as the son of God, but as one of the many humans throughout history who achieved gnosis and sought to illuminate the path for others.

Devised Art

In the devised process, a company of devisers convenes to debate, discuss, and create artistic content. Over time, a production emerges that is covered by the fingerprints of each and every participant. Prompted by their interpretations and reactions to source materials, the content created is evaluated by company members answering two questions: What did they see? What did they feel? 

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